Experts in transport since 1946

    The mastering of any aspect of life requires effort and experience. Pujol Verdaguer S.A. is a family company founded in 1946 by Mr José Pujol whose legacy lives on today. Our history, together with the improvements brought by the communications progress made, makes us a company of reference in food logistics. Over all these years, we have shown that time and experience back us as a leading company in the land transport sector throughout Europe.

    Personalisation, specialisation and accurate logistics

    We are a company that works closely with its clients, we take into account the circumstances of each one in order to offer a personalised logistics service to each of them, adapting to their needs in the sectors of land transport in complete loads, lots, storage of goods at a controlled temperature and customs clearance.

    Our transport capacity allows us to take anything anywhere. Our main line of business is the transportation and storage of fruit and vegetables, in addition to other food products like cheese and delicatessen products. Our lorries, warehouses and professionals are equipped to correctly preserve the food, protecting the integrity of the cold chain and with maximum care to ensure that they reach their destination as if recently harvested or produced.

    One of our most important values is strictness, that’s why at Pujol Verdaguer we have a team of professionals whom we consider to be our best asset. Our commitment to organisation and excellence is our seal of quality.